5 Web Design Mistakes no Atlanta, GA Web Designer Should Make

19 May 2015

Web designers are the people we trust to build sturdy and professional websites for our businesses. However, even the most seasoned web designer makes some mistakes. Make sure, you keep a look out for these web design blunders when someone is building your website:
1. Exclude anything from your website design that looks like an advertisement. People tend to ignore any pop-ups, animated areas or banners because they hate to look at advertisements so ignore them completely when considering them in your design.
2. Make sure you answer all of the questions you think your users will have. Always include a FAQ page on your blog so that your potential customers and clients can have their most important concerns addressed. If they do not think their questions are answered they may not look further in your product and services.
3. Be sure your font is appropriate. If your font is too big or too small it could really turn people off from your website and cause you to lose potential clients. Fonts that are too small can cause eyestrain and fonts that are too big are an eye sore.
4. Always make sure the color of clicked links change on your website so that people do not click the same link repeatedly.
5. Do not use PDF files for website users to read because the font can be hard to change and the scrolling can get complicated too.
If a web designer includes any of these things in your website, you need to choose another web design company fast!

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