Top 5 Mistakes SEO Companies in Atlanta, GA Make

19 May 2015
SEO companies are vital to making your business appear in the search engines, but they do not always do it the right way. Here are 5 mistakes SEO companies make that could cost you some business: 1. Never keyword stuff your articles. Google can clearly tell when you are using the...

4 Web Design Services Available Alpharetta, GA

19 May 2015
There are many web design services that are available in the GA area. Here are 4 of the most important web design services business ask for: 1. Search Engine Optimization is extremely important when clients are trying to get their website seen. A good web design company writes...


15 May 2015
Here at Placement Perfect, we don’t only focus on SEO strategies within your website design, we also have skillful online marketing professionals who specialize in SEM, or Search Engine Marketing. Also called “paid search,” SEM is a collection of paid strategies that are designed...


15 May 2015
Placement Perfect’s dedicated SEO strategists are experts in utilizing organic search engine optimization techniques to take clients’ sites from virtually invisible to a page one ranking. Placement Perfect has built a strong team with in-depth SEO knowledge. They have experience...