15 May 2015

Here at Placement Perfect, we don’t only focus on SEO strategies within your website design, we also have skillful online marketing professionals who specialize in SEM, or Search Engine Marketing. Also called “paid search,” SEM is a collection of paid strategies that are designed to utilize the technology of search engines to promote a website and increase its traffic and sales.

SEM consists of a number of strategies, including “paid inclusion”, traditional paid ads on search engine result pages, and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Placement Perfect SEM specialists will pursue these and other search engine marketing strategies to take advantage of search engines to drive more traffic to your site.</>

Paid inclusion is the practice of paying a fee for a search engine or web directory to add your site directly to its database. This speeds up the process of your website becoming visible, as you do not need to wait for the search engine spiders to “find” your site on their own. In fact, many search engines and directories, especially industry-specific ones, do not “crawl” for listings; the only way to get listed on them is paid inclusion.

Traditional ads are paid ads on search engine result pages, linked to keywords. Most often, a paying advertiser is charged a fee based on the number of times the ad appears, so you pay whether or not a viewer clicks on your link. PPC advertising works differently: The advertiser links their ads to chosen keywords, provides copy, and then pays a fee for the ad each time someone clicks on the link to the website. PPC campaigns can be very effective, but must be monitored and adjusted for peak performance.

Due to the complex technology involved in creating and maintaining effective SEM solutions, many businesses and even marketers rely on specialists such as our Placement Perfect’s SEM team to develop and manage their search marketing plans. Our team will analyze your website’s current presence on search engines for saturation and popularity, research keywords to find the most relevant and popular words to link to your SEM ads, and develop a search engine marketing strategy to boost traffic to your site immediately.

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