When it comes to creating your business website, budget often overshadows long-term investments that could determine how effective your SEO is and how appealing the web design will be for visitors. Just having a web address for your business is of course an important point, however, if the work is well below internet standards, it could leave a blemish on your brand that may be difficult to wipe off.
The way people perceive your website is decided in roughly 7-10 seconds upon loading up your page. This brief moment of time is crucial for grabbing the attention and retaining their interest through engaging content and easy to read web design. Flash and flair are only good when they can be easily identified. For example: having lots of banners, animations, and fancy graphics presents an unprofessional and busy landscape that may effectively create fatigue on the viewer and cause them to feel as though the over-the-top visuals could be overcompensating for a lack of content or quality.
There is actually a lot of psychology involved in web design, which is why there is such a large disparity on prices for professional web design services and custom WordPress templates out there.
The days of having a website that cuts off information or cannot be easily navigated on all major platforms are long past. If you don’t know if your website is responsive, then you will need to find out or consider remaking it from scratch. Responsive web design is more than just making your webpages look attractive on mobile devices, it’s about condensing all the important navigational features and keeping your content in-focus at all times, right in the center. It should feel natural when browsing and moving between pages on your website.
Another very important feature when it comes to usability, which ties into the amount of time you have to capture the audience’s attention, is the speed in which your pages load. If it takes too long to load your page because it is too graphics heavy, poorly coded, or loads in an inefficient bulk, rather than compartmental, fashion, you could be losing customers before you even get the chance to reel them in.
If you have great and effective web design, coupled with good on-page content, you are already half way to achieving lasting SEO ranking. Strong SEO helps draw the crowds, your impressive WordPress web design will convert them into believers in your brand. For this we recommend hiring a professional SEO management service, who can tailor your business with local SEO in Atlanta. If your expertise is in Alpharetta, for example, then you will have your web content and web design in Alpharetta relevant areas. The same goes for optimizing your presence on search engines and social media. It takes a lot of time and energy to accomplish this without an expert who knows what tools to use and how to get your website noticed by others.