Top 5 Mistakes SEO Companies in Atlanta, GA Make

19 May 2015

SEO companies are vital to making your business appear in the search engines, but they do not always do it the right way. Here are 5 mistakes SEO companies make that could cost you some business:
1. Never keyword stuff your articles. Google can clearly tell when you are using the same keyword repeatedly rather than writing quality content. Remember, you are writing for humans to read your content and learn something from it not just to rank on Google.
2. Never include broken links in your articles. If you do rank high in the search engines, many people will be visiting your website. One of the worst SEO offenses is to have a broken link in your article. People will simply move to a new website and forget all about our page.
3. Do not duplicate content in your articles. If there are entire repeated sentences in your article the search engines will think it is of low quality and never let it rank high. No ranking means No viewers.
4. Not optimizing the right keyword is a major mistake. The company should always research the right keywords to put in your articles. If they use the right keywords, you rank and your content is not what they expect, they will leave your website and never come back.
5. Never use copied content from another blog. In short, this is plagiarism and is never acceptable.
Avoiding these mistakes is extremely important when providing top rate SEO services.

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